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In the Scholar’s Studio

The 'Scholar's Studio' is the title for my upcoming show at Rovzar Gallery

I doubt that any of us can make a claim to complete innocence or naivety in creation of our art. In my case, having never taken an art class or formal study of art, there comes the intuitive practice without the rules and regulations of schooled disciplines. An immersive study is the starting point for invention and creativity.

In my search for aesthetic expression, I’m blending, deconstructing and building on the shoulders of some of the greats that have inspired so many others. It seems I gravitate to the Japanese sensibility as an artisan with instinctual acceptance of Wabi-Sabi. There is always my hand and practice of the disciplined crafts, while accepting a counterbalance of Nature; seeking a Dissonance and Harmony in varied proportion with mixed media.The lessons I study are of: Noguchi, Nakashima, Horiuchi, Kaneko, Keifer, Nash, Serra even Goldsworthy, just to name a few.There are rich traditions in so many studio crafts (pottery, stone, bamboo, woodcuts, painting, fashion, textiles, architecture and photography), but finding ‘order’ in the chaos of so much richness in my library….that’s the first challenge.

Surrounding myself with the volumes of literature and the objects that represent the principle themes of my curiosity act as foundation and guidance on my journey of scholarly and aesthetic pursuit.

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